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The Path to Forgiveness

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Do you struggle to forgive yourself
or someone else?


If you answered YES then the RELEASE ONLINE COURSE IS FOR YOU.

Heal from unforgiveness and guilt.

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Is Forgiveness Truly Possible?

 Freedom from unforgiveness is possible when we choose to heal with Christ!



The 5 Stages of Forgiveness

Step 1: Prepare

Commit to Christ to heal and reveal the hurt.

Step 2: Participate

Guided Bible studies to understand forgiveness

Step 3: Process

Process the pain through a series or reflecting questions

Step 4: Prayer

Pray through the pain, 
and let it go

Step 5: Peace

Reflect on what you’ve learned, and gain a new perspective. 

Why Should I Forgive?

Holding onto resentment keeps you shackled. 
So, the real question is, why shouldn’t you forgive?  FORGIVENESS can only heal you, and release you from emotional prison.

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What if I Hurt Someone, and Haven’t Forgiven Myself?

We have the answer! The Triple-A Method is a 3-step process to help resolve inward guilt. 


Accept your part.


Resolve the wrongdoing in your heart.


Seek forgiveness.

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You will heal from:



You will have:




Learn To:

Identify unforgiveness

Heal from the past

Build relationships 

Develop a healthier self-perception

Bond to Christ

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Our Guarantee

We want you to be 100% confident when you enroll in Release. If you purchase this course and decide it’s not right for you at this time, simply contact us within 14 days for a refund of the purchase price. Refunds will only be given if the program has not been opened or downloaded.

Meet Denetra — your partner in healing from all unforgiveness!

I have also struggled with forgiveness. I was where you are. If the Lord can heal me, He can heal you. Start RELEASE today! I look forward to seeing you there!

Release Online Course


What’s Included:

  • 5-week online audio course
  • Virtual messaging support 
  • 30-page digital workbook
  • Dynamic visual presentations
  • Unlimited access to the C&C Community
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Can you now imagine living a life where you’re no longer hurt by what someone did to you or by past decisions you made?
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"I've felt emotional pain, and emotional freedom. Freedom in Christ always prevails! Join now to start your journey."

- Denetra Gary

Love covers a multitude of sins.
1 Peter 4:8


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