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Are you desiring a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ but aren't sure where to start? 

  • Have you experienced trauma or emotional pain in your life? 
  • Do you feel that your connection with Jesus is not the same as it once was? 
  • Do you struggle to connect in relationships with others or have a poor self-image?
  • Do you struggle with negative emotions? 
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Complement & Complete 
provides Christ centered counseling and guidance to help you:

Experience a strong relationship with Jesus

Overcome emotional roots that lead to sin

Heal from emotional hurt and mental pain


Start your healing with our most popular workshop.

The Forgiveness Workshop


Our most popular course

  • 5-week online audio course
  • 5 virtual group coaching sessions
  • Digital 30-page workbook
  • Dynamic Visual Presentations
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Hi, I'm Denetra!

I'm a
 Licensed Clinical Social Worker with eleven year’s experience in the field of social work and mental health counseling, and I want to help you heal.

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Dance Drills

Build muscle and burn calories, all while learning to bust a move or two

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Cardio Beats

Get your body moving and your heart pumping with cardio inspired dance routines.

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Yoga Pop

Build core strength and stretch your sore muscles with these pop-inspired moves. 

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Yoga Pop

Build core strength and stretch your sore muscles with these pop-inspired moves. 

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Our monthly workshops offer Biblical tools and support to help you heal from emotional trauma and negative patterns of behavior. You'll receive the guidance needed to restore your relationships.  


Biblical counseling to help you overcome emotional roots that lead to sin and heal from emotional hurt and mental pain. Overcome addictions that hinder your spiritual and emotional growth. 

Online Course

Do you feel stuck? Would you like guidance on how to process and heal from emotional pain? Join the Recreate & Renew 8-week course to get all the tools you need to work through your emotional roots. 

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