Our Clients Love C&C!


Complement and Complete is the Christ-centered therapy I never knew I needed. I sought them out during the Covid-19 pandemic. Like many others, I was having a hard time coping with the newfound (and chronic) anxiety, stress, and other issues. Instead of telling me to listen to soothing music or referring me elsewhere to get medication, they have worked with me in recognizing my childhood trauma and roots that so badly affect me today. I don't expect to have all the pain and anxiety go away, but I feel better than ever. They're helping me in my personal walk with Jesus and I am so blessed to have been led by them. This group of women cares and the C&C community of women (at no extra cost) is such a blessing to wake up to. They share testimonies and are a powerful prayer group. Let Jesus touch your life as He did mine through C&C; you will never be the same.

Adilene S.

I recommend that you take the Recreate and Renew course if you can. It was an amazing opportunity to get an understanding of myself and whom I am becoming in Christ. Denetra, Wanda, and Karen are amazing and blessed with their gifts from God. They're loving, gentle, and kind throughout the entire process. I have been blessed beyond what I could've ever imagined.

Qiana J.

I have more peace and understanding about my roots since I completed Recreate & Renew. I am now aware of my negative past 'root' issues and am still working on them. My heart, mind, and soul have begun to work together, and my relationship with God has opened a new door for me. I now know more about the Sanctuary, and am able to apply it in my life in order to grow more intimate with God.

I like that I was given homework, this helped me push my brain to areas that needed to be addressed. I learn best when writing out my ideas, fears, and hopes. It was a great benefit joining other women who also are seeking help/guidance tools to improve and erase the ugly which has brought us down to being broken. I felt safe expressing my feelings. Including God in my healing, brought me to understand that I cannot do this by myself, and found it to be a great relief that He is the only way I can heal. I need to trust HIM more and include HIM in my everyday challenges and praise HIM when I see the changes. Being able to have prayer included in the group sessions was a great experience! Prayer is very powerful, and it made me feel appreciated that someone else was praying for me and my struggle which brings hope/faith to my healing. The tools used for this program were very beneficial. The Tools (attachments) helped me keep on track with the subject and were such a great reference to be used by going back to compare the healing process. Also, it was a great benefit to see whom I am in a positive way, instead of being negative, I found some of my true strengths.

I was already working with Denetra before I started Recreate & Renew. Therefore, I was on the path to search and learning and was already being guided to understand my roots and the issues I was having with myself. I now know the meaning of Recreate & Renew! I am recreating a new journey for myself, new ways of breaking bad habits, and knowing that my past may have broken me but now is strengthening me. My roots do not define who I am as a child of God today. I can honestly say that I have Renewed thoughts and actions. I have received many compliments from other family members that I look happy. I truly am in a better place!

Connie M.

The C&C Community has given me the opportunity to see God at work in answered prayers. I has also drawn my thoughts to God on many occasions through the sharing of prayer requests, devotional thoughts, and scripture. I see the impact of the community through the testimonies of many of the women.

Erin Y.

I really enjoyed the Recreate and Renew program. I have learned a lot about the root lies we believe in and how God can help us heal. I feel that this course has helped me progress in my emotional healing and I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Courtney H.

I am so thankful for being able to be introduced to the tools that were used in the program to help me with my mental health. I enjoyed the homework exercises and am glad I have a couple of lifelong tools I can use. I am thankful that more is provided as well during and after the group! I’m thankful I found out about the program and can continue getting the help I need still!

Taylor M.

Taking this Recreate and Renew course has been one of the best decisions I ever made. Throughout my childhood and adult years I’ve had so many unanswered questions as to why I react certain ways or do things a certain way, taking this course has opened my eyes. It has shown me how to retrace and seek God for answers. I learned info about myself that I never even would have thought about to get healing. I have truly been blessed by Denetra and Karen’s wisdom and loving-kindness. I look forward to continuing to heal as the Lord leads and guides.

Tanisha M.

Each week I looked forward to uncovering the beautiful truths that God revealed to me. This a beautiful program, a true gem in my tool box for the Lord. I’m so thankful to Karen and Denetra for the work they are doing.

Rosa F.