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Healing from Childhood Trauma and Pain

Do you often struggle with unresolved trauma, hurt and pain but aren’t sure what to do about it? Would you like to move beyond the hurt and pain of your past but aren’t sure what is holding you back? Do you often feel triggered but aren’t sure what’s setting you off? This show is dedicated to helping you overcome the issues of past trauma and childhood hurt and pain. So often we struggle with agitation, irritation and negative emotions but don’t know how to look beyond the surface of our pain and feelings. Our guest, Carol Zarska will take us through a journey of learning how to connect our current feelings with our past pain. Get ready to learn how to face the issues that hold you back from being emotionally and mentally free. You’ll learn new phrases and key insights to take you on a path of mental healing and emotional stability, as you go beyond the surface and learn look to Jesus resolve all your inner struggles.