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Release is an online course designed to help you heal from unforgiveness and unresolved guilt. You will gain the biblical tools to respond like Christ to those who have wronged you and gain a deeper understanding of how to let it go. You will learn to:

1. Overcome negative emotions from unresolved hurt

2. Heal from guilt or shame due to a past choice

3. Accept God's peace and joy in your life

4. Completely heal from the past 

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This program is designed to help overcome emotional pain and dysfunction, and understand any lies that hinder you from growing in Christ and overcoming all sin. All negative thoughts and negative emotions begin with a lie. Believing the lie prevents us from feeling loved by others and by God, and it keeps us from being the conduit of love to others. In this seminar you will learn to:

1. Understand the emotional roots that keep you from being able to fully depend on Christ.

2. Determine the lies that you believed and overcome any emotional roots that lead to sin

3. Develop closer relationships and bonds with others

4. Develop a closer connection to Christ

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This program is designed to help you understand yourself, others, and God from a Biblical perspective. You will heal from childhood pain and develop a core belief system that is rooted in Christ. You will learn to:

1. Understand how your thought pattern affects your beliefs about yourself, others, and God

2. Develop closer relationships and bonds with others

3. Develop a closer connection to Christ

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  • Individual Counseling – Identify emotional roots, heal from trauma and emotional pain

  • Family Counseling – Restore the entire family unit by identifying areas that keep the family from being united.

  • Pre–Marital and Marital Counseling – Understand God’s purpose and plan for marriage and restore God’s design for your marriage

These programs will help you experience a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. You will learn how to heal emotionally to restore your life, your family, and your marriage. Emotional roots manifest into various mental health disorders, sin, addictions, and chronic disorganization. With this guide you will:

1. Allow the Bible to determine the solution for all life’s issues

2. Become mentally and emotional whole

3. Develop a solid foundation in Christ before entering or while in a marital union

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